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From Ron Rousey at Rousey Goldens:

My family and I have been raising Golden Retrievers for almost 16 years. We are the type of family who totally invests ourselves emotionally in to our goldens. For the past 4 years we have been on a very heartbreaking and financially devastating journey. In searching for our new generation of Goldens we have purchased 4 goldens that turned out to have bad hips. Two of which were imported and one also has the skin disease Ichthyosis. Another named Chance was so dysplasic by 6 months old he could not walk properly and required immediate surgery on both hips. The surgery for hip dysplasia averages about $4,500.00 per hip.

Just over three years ago Robin and I became friends and that friendship has grown ever since. I have learned to lean on Robin for advice and guidance. She is truly a fountain of knowledge! Thanks to Robin’s very rare above and beyond ethics in breeding we now have our beautiful “little” girl Nova. Nova came to us with a PennHIP score that scored her in the top 5% of the over 18,000 goldens tested to date. Nova also came with puppy clearances from a veterinary cardiologist for her heart and veterinary ophthalmologist for her eyes.

I honestly cannot put in to words how invaluable Robin’s service of providing families with a Health Certified puppy is. I can tell you that she took all of the stress and the potential for yet another heartbreaking and financial loss to our family away.

Thank you my friend and please know how much I appreciate you and all that you do to better the Golden Retriever breed!
— Ron and the entire Rousey family

From Jessica Henne:

I can not express the gratitude I have for Robin and Stephanie. I have been in contact with Robin for a couple of years now. I have relied on Robins expertise of breeding. While starting with a female that we love, we learned that her hips were sub-par. I was naturally devastated, having put so much time and love into her. We invested in 2 more dogs only to find out they could not be bred as well.
Robin wanted me to succeed at breeding. She helped me by convincing me to buy a started puppy from her that was already cleared for breeding. I hesitated, having wasted so much money already. Robin kept calling me, “I have the perfect girl for you!”
Finally, I agreed. The puppy, Quinn, was beautiful to say the least. Her pennhip came back rating her in the top 5% in the nation!!! Her eyes and heart cleared as well. Quinn was a started puppy, meaning she had training, YAY! She had received all vet care and immunizations. We picked her up at 5 months and she is amazing for breeding. Now my family was able to really get emotionally attached.
Quinn is now a little over a year. She has already achieved her National and International titles. The judges absolutely fell in love with her. She has her AKC CGC title as well. She has the most amazing disposition I have ever seen, so very calm, smart and sweet. The perfect dog. I can not take her for a walk without compliments. I have had multiple people actually pull their cars over to tell me what a beauty she is.
Robin continues to be an invaluable resource to me. Guiding and helping me. I have recently purchased a 2nd female. She is following the same footsteps. Hips in the top 5% as well. What an incredible experience this has been for me. Would I recommend Robin and her daughter Stephanie, a million times YES!!!
— Jessica Henne